Frederick Brandes


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Frederick's approach to vocal teaching has been influenced by many teachers and styles. A student of Donna S. Reid and former student of Elizabeth Ricahrds and Richard Staab at the Akademie für Tonkunst Darmstadt, Germany, Frederick has trained in both classical singing and musical theatre.

For his Bachelor's thesis, Frederick taught a group of students for a classical play with music. Based on this experience, he outlined his own teaching syllabus based on both his own experiences and teachings of Cornelius Reid, Oren Brown and Susanna Eken.

As a result of his training, Frederick teaches both classical and musical theatre singing to students of all levels. It is his belief that the difference is merely one of register balance and sound colouration, with the basics of freedom of breath and sound being the same in all styles of vocalisation.

This freedom can best be obtained through a holistic, non-manipulative pedagogic approach. Frederick's experience in training in Chladek technique and dance is elemental to his approach to freedom of movement and voice.

A number of vocal coach and choirmaster appointments with singers of all backgrounds and experience levels as well as training with world-class teachers in both a classical singer and a musical theatre singing, Frederick has acquired an in-depth understanding of the voice as an instrument.

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